About the Name

I realize that this name is a bit odd, so let me explain it.

In the mists of time, the King Vortigern was building a castle in the province of Gwynedd. There was a problem however.

The castle was destroyed by the earth shaking.

The workers would work their hardest, and each morning the work would be destroyed and laying in heaps on the ground. Vortigern had them work their best, gave them all the support he could, and still each day their work would be in shambles and they would have to start over.

This went on for about 4-6 days, and finally everyone got tired of the futility of it all. The wise men were called, and they determined that a child who was born without a father had to be sacrificed and his blood sprinkled on the land to stop this destruction.

The kingdom was searched and a boy was found. He would become known as Merlin in later years, but through his magic, he found that it wasn’t a sacrifice that would fix this problem, but that it was a red dragon and a white dragon were fighting in a cave beneath the castle site, and their fight would destroy all that had been done before.

The only solution was to move the castle site, which was done.

And this is the origin of the name of this Tor. It is a place that exists somewhat outside of the world, a liminal space. The dragons are here, the Red Dragon of Wales, and the White Dragon of Saxony.

These two dragons, the red dragon known as Fionn MacCumhail (pronounced Fin McCool), and the white dragon who wishes to be known as Mariko, are this Tor’s sponsors and protectors. I know them both personally, and they are in the process of getting married on the Astral Plane. Fionn is the son of the Goddess of Sovereignty, “The Great Queen” (who can be Rhiannon, Epona, Maeve, Eriu, the Morrigan, Danu, Dannan, Don, or Anu) who has ruled the area of Great Britain along with Ireland and what was Gaul (including France, Spain, Italy, somewhat of Germany). Mariko is the granddaughter of the great Earth Dragon Fuji from Japan, who rules much of Asia and Australia. Finn and Mariko have been friends since childhood and were fighting to fight, and they wanted to play and see if they could knock the construction down. They never intended for their play to cause the death of a child, so in Merlin’s insight, they let him see them, and gave him the understanding of their “roles” as the Welsh Dragon and the Saxon (English) Dragon.

So that is the brief story. We associate with the Dragons Finn and Mariko in the liminal space of the cave they fought in, beneath the castle that was never built.

Maester of The Cave Beneath the Castle, Dragonkin, Guardian of the Astral World, Child of Fuji. Alpha of kitsune clan Fuji-moto, Priestess of Rhiannon and Herne.

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